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Avoid Analysis Paralysis | Say Yes to the Right Dress!


Saying ‘yes’ to your future groom was a no brainer! Saying yes to the right wedding dress, now that’s complicated. Like most future brides, you’re probably bombarded with bridal inspiration from magazines to instagram feeds and of course, Pinterest! This flood of wedding imagery can make even the most clear-visioned bride start to second guess herself. Cue analysis paralysis!

This plethora of information can quickly turn to overwhelm when it comes to choosing the right wedding dress for you. Your decision is just as much about emotions and gut feelings as it is dollars and cents. In order to make the most confident decision about your dream wedding dress, enlist these strategies to make saying ‘yes’ a piece of cake!

Don’t Rob Yourself of Your Moment

You’re choosing the most important dress you’ll likely ever wear! Don’t rob yourself of having your big moment by worrying about what else might be out there at another shop or feeling guilty over potentially canceling an appointment you already made at a different boutique. You need to go into every appointment hoping that it’ll be the last one you attend – kind of like first dates right? But seriously, do yourself a favor and let the moment happen naturally when you step into a dress that lights you up! Saying yes shouldn’t be stressful – it should be nearly as exciting as putting it on the day of your wedding itself! And kind of like the groom, once you find the one, it’s critical to stop shopping and enjoy the one you’ve chosen.

Trust your Gut

The way you feel in a wedding dress is the most important quality that a gown can have. You have to be clear about what your gut is telling you about each gown you try on without worrying about what other people might think or that your guests at the appointment might articulate. You have to wear the dress, not anyone else and it’s your vision that matters above anyone else.

Bring your People

It’s important to bring the right guests to your bridal appointment. If you go to appointments without the people you need to make your ultimate decision, you are compromising your whole experience before it really begins. Luckily, it’s easy to Facetime in an important relative or parent if need be, but make sure they are prepared in advance to join remotely if they can’t actually attend!

Embrace the Unexpected

Don’t be surprised if you try something completely different than what you anticipated wearing and fall in love – don’t fight the feeling. You won’t know how you look and feel in any style of silhouette of wedding dress until you actually try them on, so if you love something you should go with it. Most brides have unexpected surprises in the fitting rooms… it’s all part of the process of finding the perfect gown from you!!

Relax – Don’t Over Analyze – Enjoy the Moment

It’s easy to get lost in your own head when you’re trying to decide which dress to wear on your big day. The best thing to do is relax and enjoy the process and let it happen! Get excited to commit to the dress – it will be a thrilling decision to finally make! Let the celebrating begin!


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