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This week we made the tough decision to close our doors in response to the Coronavirus outbreak that's swept the country. We have soft-circled March 27th as a reopening date but at this point it's unclear whether that will be long enough. We want to assure our brides that your gowns are still arriving on time and as scheduled. We feel strongly that closing our doors to help flatten the curve of this pandemic is the right thing to do. To help protect you guys and to protect the larger community, we couldn't morally continue to take appointments given the ability for this virus to spread so quickly and with such devastating results. Especially given that the Tri-State area has the highest concentration of COVID-19 cases. If you're shopping for your gown, please schedule your appointment for April and May - we can't wait to welcome you into our boutique! XOXO - Jessica & Haley

To Our Brides
During Coronavirus,

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