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I missed all the pre-wedding fun before my wedding sitting at a too-slow nail salon trying to get my bridal party prepped for the big day. Luckily, you don't have to make the same mistake I did. Jessica Haley Bridal as a stylist for Color Street Nails is setting you up with beautiful bridal nails and fun nail polish designs for you, your bridal party and all your ladies! These dry nail polish strips are so easy to apply and fun to wear, we know you're going to fall in love with them like we have! They 'll be part of your regular mani-pedi routine way beyond your wedding day!

Nail Polish Strips,
Made from Real Nail Polish, 
Applied Dry

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What are Color STreet Nails?

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Color Street Nail Polish Strips are made from 100% REAL Nail Polish, 95% Dry.

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What are they made out of?

With regular nail polish remover or we love Mineral Fusion Polish Remover.

How is the Polish Removed?

Each set of polish strips comes with at least 16 nails strips as well as a mini nail file and a prep-pad which is an alcohol wipe to clean oils and debris from your fingers and nail beds to help the polish set
*Clear As Day comes with 32 strips

What comes in a set?

A Color Street Manicure lasts up to 10 days. The strips are more durable than liquid nail polish and are more chip resistant

How Long does it last?

* Use alcohol wipes to properly prep your nails and remove any excess oil and dirt on your nail bed so the strips adhere properly
*Apply your nails right before bed - letting them cure to your nails overnight helps the polish last longer
*Apply strips at room temperature with warm hands. Nail strips can become rigid in the cold
* Avoid applying the polish strips over your cuticle or skin - push back cuticles before application and apply to nail only
* Crease the strip over the nail edge before removing excess with your nail or nail file.
* Apply thumbs last - start with pinky and work towards your thumb using it as a tool
* Use immediately after opening and reseal the plastic pouch with a flat iron to save extra nail strips so they don't dry out.

Tips for Applying Nail Strips:

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